Please Contact us if you have any enquiry about getting cash for your vehicle simply fill out the contact form below and we ill get back to you as soon as we can , alternatively you could call us on 0434 408 557 and get the instant quote over the phone.

Please make sure you have the right details for your car as providing false and unknown details may cause your quote to be lower have Make, Model Year of the car ready or the Registration Number which we can check the correct details of the car, also, we do not buy cars if it's under finance or stolen which we will know instantly.

it's highly recommended that all the paper works for the car should be available at the time of pickup we require an adult 18+ to be there at the time of pick and should have an appropriate type of photo id such as Passport, Drivers license.

Please note that a medicare , health care card or bank card is not considered as a photo ID.

at the time of the pickup, the seller will be handed the cast and the car will be taken away by the tow truck once the car is picked up any change of mind can result fees and extra charges.

it is important that you have provided the right contact details of yours as when we receive your enquiry we generally call the number you have provided please make sure your contact number is right and your phone is with you at that time.

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0434 408 557