When Your Car Becomes Too Expensive to Repair

Car Becomes Too Expensive to Repair

When Your Car Becomes Too Expensive to Repair, Try Doing These 3 Tips


Nothing can be more stressful than having a car that breaks down all the time. What aggravates your headache is the cost of repair which seems to be higher than your auto’s present market value. What if this happens to your precious vehicle? Would you rather scrap your car and sell it, do the repair yourself to save money, or you would keep on searching for the best mechanic who can save your vehicle regardless of the cost?

car that breaks down all the time

When you’re trying to be realistic, the second and last options may not work for you. Doing the repair on your own does not guarantee you’ll be able to save money. Remember, what you think as the cheapest choice can sometimes cost you so much more in terms of the stress you may be facing in the future. Likewise, the last option could, without a doubt, hurt the pocket. Most mechanics will say your auto requires complex repair and then charge you premium amount. Before you know it, your expenses have already exceeded the price you’ve paid for your car when you bought it the first time.

So what about the first option? We’ll be talking a bit of that later. For now, here are three tips you can do when fixing your car has become problematic. They might help you decide on what’s the best thing you can do with it.

Don’t hesitate to ask advice from others and be very knowledgeable about how your car works

Just because the one you consulted said your car is too expensive to fix doesn’t mean you’ll stop there. The truth is, there are many skilled mechanics you may find available in your area and it’s not a bad idea to get their opinions. For sure they won’t tell you the same story.Car mechanics Brisbane

While it’s a sad reality that some auto mechanics try to take advantage of others by overcharging or exaggerating a vehicle’s real condition in order to ask for a higher fee, there are those who care more for their fellows than their pockets. Fortunately, a greater portion of the repair industry acts ethically and charges their customers only for the needed work, the Automotive Service Association confirms.

Still, you need to be mindful of some auto repair shops who try to rip you off by suggesting unnecessary repairs on your car and then charge you for each. The best thing you need to do is learn and understand very well how your vehicle functions. This way, no abusive mechanics can use shady tactics on you.

Try assessing further the situation prior to making a decision

Most of the time, a careful evaluation of the situation can lead you to a clearer conclusion. Going back to the options mentioned earlier, let’s try to delimit these into two: having your car fixed or selling it. Again, you need to dig deeper on these two.

  • Have your car fixed. You’ve decided it’s not yet time to give up your car so you want it to be fixed. As such, make sure you do your own research on the right person to do the job. How reliable and credible is that person? Do they have a licence or business permit? How long have they been in the industry? What are other customers saying about them? Of course, you wouldn’t want to waste your time and money on the wrong people.

Asking your chosen mechanic the following will also help you save on costs:

      • Prices of both brand new and second hand auto parts
      • Applicable warranty
      • Excellent judgment on each option
  • Sell your vehicle. Granting that you opted to dispose of your car, you need to keep a few things in mind. Selling your to a private buyer may take time and you have a slim chance to get one. Some buyers may only be interested in buying certain parts of your car. Also, some buyers may offer to buy your auto for a cheap amount, even lesser than its scrap value.

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Determine the worth of your car

It also pays to know your vehicle’s value given its current condition. This will give you an idea on how much you can expect to earn from selling it.

How to do it? ( how you sell used cars )

You can check for similar autos that may be posted on certain websites and social media platforms such as Car Sales, Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, etc. to get ideas.

What if you can’t find any car with similar mechanical problems as yours?

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