Fast and Efficient Park Ridge Car Wreckers

We grow and supply auto wreckers who can do their job quickly and efficiently in all areas where we operate including in Park Ridge. We are always delighted to serve everyone from this suburb of Logan City whether they are residents, visitors, or commercial establishments. Our auto wreckers assigned in this area are the most credible ones who know exactly what professional car recycling means and reflect that knowledge in their actual work. They never fail to satisfy our hundreds of customers with their impeccable services and we are doing the best we can to keep that momentum.

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Auto Wrecking in Park Ridge

Sitting west of Logan, Park Ridge has one of the largest land areas in South East Queensland. The rural setting of this suburb offers a convenient way of doing business in recycling junk vehicles. For the past 15 years, our company was able to complete jobs which include the wrecking of at least 50,000 used autos annually. Without a doubt, a significant portion of these accomplishments come from the Park Ridge area.

What makes us reach that figure? The answer lies heavily on two important factors: the swiftness and proficiency of our car dismantlers.

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Swift Service.

Our company name does not only bear the word “fast.” We make sure that we live by it. Over of the years of our existence, we have been working relentlessly to establish a stellar reputation that exactly matches our name. More importantly, our efforts are always directed towards addressing the needs of our clients. Here are our definition of fast service:

  • We respond quickly to calls – When clients come to us, we treat them as king or queen. We always consider that they need our help for an urgent matter. That said, paying attention to their concerns is always on top of our priorities. We can turn every frustrated client into a happy one by simply giving them our time as quickly as we can.
  • We act fastThe moment we get the exact messages of our clients, we do not waste time by delaying things. We make sure to act on their problems with their vehicles by providing the most suitable solutions.
  • We come to the site early Our car towers arrive at the client’s exact address quickly just as how fast we answer their calls. Having done auto recycling business in Park Ridge for many years, there is no question about how well we know the ins and outs of the suburb. This helps our auto dismantlers find easily each of our client’s location and be there promptly.
  • We pull away unwanted cars speedilyBecause our car removers are well-trained and highly experienced, they can eliminate any type of vehicle no matter the condition with so much ease. This, in return, rapidly takes away the client’s burden.
  • We pay cash swiftlyGo back to our company’s name and you will realize that we practice what we preach when we put instant cash in your hands right before we haul away your used car. We defy delaying things and this is how we build our brand.

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Proficient Service.

Don’t get us wrong, we like to work fast, but our success is not only defined by how quick we move. The quality of our services is also of paramount importance and we make sure we are not forgetting that. No matter which branch you can find us, the proficiency of our services stays the same. When we wreck scrap vehicles, we do it the proficient way by:

  • Taking into considering the impact of our activities on the environment. We do not only befriend our customers but also our surroundings. Knowing that the nature of our business involves risks, we never stop refining our recycling protocols to ensure that these work harmoniously with the ecological system.
  • Organising our recycling activities. Every day, we receive numerous used cars in our wrecking yard in Park Ridge for recycling. We make sure that each car is given appropriate attention and treatment and not just dumped anywhere in our yard. Given our spacious scrap yard in this region, we maximize its use properly.

We classify each used vehicle according to type, size, condition, etc. For example all trucks are put in one area, same is true with small-sized autos.

After assessment of the cars, our car technicians will classify which are for repair, for resale, or for wrecking.

There is also a scheduling of which cars must be wrecked first and which are next. This will make the flow of work more smoothly.

Your car wrecking friend in Park Ridge is always ready to help! Just call on us and we will never turn our back on you. Grab your telephone and dial 0401 242 410 now.

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