How to sell used car for cash

Do you have a used car that you wanted to sell but don’t know how, where and how much cash you can make of it? Or maybe you have a scrap car that’s been sitting at the corner for a while now and you want to dispose it quickly? Then you’ve come to the right place! Let us help you address those concerns.

Fast Cash for Cars is the ultimate solution to your problem. Our company is interested in your used or scrap car and we can help you convert them into cash easily.

How to sell a used car?

How to sell used car

It takes you only three steps to trade your secondhand vehicle with us. As our company’s name suggests, you’ll get paid in cash for your car fast!

Here are the three steps to do it.

  1. Give a call at 0401242410

This is the easiest and fastest way for you to get a quote right on the phone. Your other option is to fill out the contact us form on the website. After which, you’ll receive an offer for your secondhand car via SMS, email, or over a call back, whichever you choose.

  1. Get a quote and schedule the pickup

Once you got a quote, schedule when is the most available to meet up and confirm your offer. You can be paid when we catch for the pick up.

  1. Get paid on spot and have your vehicle towed away

If both parties have agreed on the price, you’ll be asked to complete some simple documents and you can get cash or clear funds right away. In return, you have to hand over the keys.

See, it’s as simple as that.

How much is a scrap car worth?

When you plan on selling an old vehicle, it pays to know how much a scrap car is worth. You will need this when getting a quotation and also to save yourself from getting underpaid. Certainly, you cannot expect to get a high amount of cash for your used car especially if this has been with you for years or had bought it as a secondhand too. But your main goal in selling your old auto should be to get the most out of its present value.

If you’re wondering how much cash you can get from selling your used car, it pays to know the factors affecting the worth of a scrap vehicle.

  • The prices of scrap change regularly. Just like most basic commodities, the prices of scrap metals also vary constantly. Price changes may take place on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. In the U.S., some of the major factors that influence scrap metal prices include market price and industry demand. Changes in these factors could affect the rates for used cars causing them to fluctuate.
  • Buyers pay for the scrap metal value. Why do you think there are individuals or companies who are interested in used autos, especially those that are no longer functional? The truth is, these car junkers are after the scrap metal components of these old and broken vehicles. Those components that can still be recycled have some value in them and that is what scrap car buyers pay for by the ton.
  • Changes in the international market for metals. Since metals are traded internationally, changes in the world market also affect the prices of this commodity. Currently, there is a low demand for metals causing the prices of scrap car per ton to fall drastically.

Scrap Metal Prices

Know how much you can scrap your car instantly?

Understanding the above mentioned factors that influence a scrap car’s worth is important. However, there are much easier ways to determine the worth of a secondhand vehicle. Here at Fast Cash for Cars, we can help you know how much cash you can get from selling your used car instantly.

You can now get an instant quote for your scrap car by using our scrap car value calculator tool. Just provide the needed information, and we will tell you right away how much your car is worth.

History of scrap price


But how do we price a scrap car?

We consider the following when making prices for scrap car removal:

  • Does the car have complete parts?
  • Which parts are missing, if there is any?
  • Where is it located?
  • Is it free from unnecessary waste?

So what are you waiting for, give us a call now and see how we can help you right at the moment.


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