Whether the situation that you and your car are into is light or has become tough, there’s only one steadfast company you could run to. That’s ours, Fast Cash for Cars. Every day we lend ears to hundreds of bothered customers who face various forms of difficulty associated with their vehicles. Of course, we make sure each of these clients gets what they want in the end and is relieved from the burdens they carry before they talk to us. This then equates to hundreds of cars we remove, buy, wreck, and recycle on a daily basis. That makes our company one of the biggest buyers of junk cars across Queensland.

When it comes to taking away competently an auto either from the customer’s garage or exclusive belongings, driveway or on the street, we remain the undisputed no. 1 company in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. We have come a long way since we started in this business and there’s no other place we could ever be than stay on top. In all of our services, we practice consistency. That means we are consistent in delivering great junk car removal services that lead to high level of satisfaction of thousands of our customers.

So here, we will be discussing in detail what we provide that makes clients come to us and stay with us in this business.


 This is basically what drives our day to day operation. The presence of hundreds of cars being junked regularly brought life to our business. Someone has to take care of this stuff and deal with them accordingly. But more than that, we care for the owners of these vehicles who have to face the ordeals linked with owning a rotten auto. They are our main inspiration for pushing ourselves to exist so we can lend a hand to those in need.

Over the years, we have learned and mastered the art of eliminating rubbish autos. And we tried to expand our presence so we can provide our services to as many clients in need of our help anywhere in Queensland. In the same manner that we do not want to limit our branches to only or two, we also do not restrict our company to the type of car we want to get rid of. We provide auto removal services for the following car categories:

  • Accident Car

An accident car is any vehicle that is involved in an accident. Regardless of the extent of the damaged left on the vehicle, be it slightly scratched, moderately damaged, or severely broken, it deserves our services. And as mentioned earlier, we are not looking for specific accident automobile to take away. We don’t even care about the size, color, etc. Whether that was made recently or many decades ago, once it was involved in a road mishap causing traffic and road obstruction, our truck towers and drivers will surely come and pick it up.

  • Scrap Auto

Apparently, these are cars that are no longer usable. They’re similar with garbage whose ultimate destiny is to be dumped to a junk yard. Therefore, they’re not for keeps. Aside from losing their usefulness, they are also causing several detriments to the people around.

  • It causes distraction – Due to its old and rusty appearance, this thing is a big disfiguration to your supposed pleasing house, front or back yard view.
  • It exposes anyone to risk – The mere fact that this junk car is already decaying and generating rust, the auto exposes anyone to danger.
  • It uses space on your yard – Aside from the fact that your junk car ruins the view of your surroundings, it also occupies space unnecessarily.

So the best thing to do is to let us get rid of that scrap vehicle to end all of these irrelevant scenarios near you. And great rewards even await you should you decide to contact us. Our hotline 0401-242-410 is always open and we have customer support representatives who are always alert in answering your call anytime of the day.

  • Unwanted Vehicle

Cars have become more like mobile phones, laptops or other valuable gadgets that once used, or become slightly defective, or new model becomes available, we want to replace them. But unlike the smaller items, cars are much more difficult to dispose. Finding a reliable buyer who won’t scam and underpay you is not an easy task. There are even some individuals who can no longer take it and just gave up.

But with Fast Cash for Cars, these hassles are eliminated. That’s why we are here because we care for our customers. By providing first-rate auto removal solutions, we save you from experiencing these troubles.

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Where can you find us?

 Fast Cash for Cars is a well-known name. Our company has been towing away accident, scrap, and unwanted cars since 2006. We’ve been everywhere helping clients across Queensland. We have put up branches located in all suburbs of Brisbane. You can also find us hauling autos in Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. And we are not stopping there. We continue to increase our presence as the years go by as we want to reach out to all customers in need of our services throughout the country.



 You might wonder what happens next after we took away those damaged or non-functional autos. Our car towers and wreckers put them to a designated place where they will be undergoing further processing. That place is no other than in our high class junk yard. Yes, our junk yard is not just a place for dumping rubbish autos. We have designed it in a way that passed certain standards.

  • Our scrap yard is large enough to accommodate as many junk vehicles of all types as possible.
  • It is organized and divided according to the types of cars (i.e. trucks, SUVs, small cars, etc.).
  • There is also a devoted area for each stage of the wrecking/recycling process (i.e. inspection, dismantling, liquid drainage, smashing, etc.).
  • It is complete with facilities and equipment for wrecking and recycling automobiles.

Car Recyclers

The most professional and competent car wreckers you will ever find in the country come from our company. They are our pride and it’s hard not to talk about their valuable contributions to the company. Without them and their skills, our work process cycle can never be completed. Besides, our junk yards will just be a horrible dumpsite for autos without them who turned it into a classy one.

  • We groom each of our car recyclers to make sure that they fit into our company standards and needs.
  • We invest in their future by continuously providing them relevant trainings relative to their job.
  • We train them to become experts in their craft and challenge them to become better versions of themselves.

We do our best in molding our auto wreckers/recyclers and our investments are paying us the best interests when we see great results generated by our people. Their excellent performances clearly reflect our effectiveness and success in nurturing our workforce.

Car Pick Up

This aspect of our services impresses our customers most of the time. It is defined by the words fast, no hassle and efficient. Again, this would not have been possible without the presence of our reliable car towers.

  • They come to the site on the dot based on the agreed pick up schedule.
  • They can haul any vehicle smoothly and without any difficulty.
  • Since they’re geared with complete tools, they can finish the job perfectly in just a short period of time.

Our scrap auto services are available in most parts of the state. We collect junk vehicles in Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. If you live within or nearby these regions, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have unwanted cars for elimination.

Attractive Add-ons to Our Car Removal Services

On top of our unparalleled services are enticing incentives that await our beloved customers. Their complete satisfaction means a lot to us and we are bound to fulfilling that. That’s why we wrap our offerings with attractive add-ons.

  • High Cash Conversion. If you let us get rid of and take your car away, that would entitle to a big cash offer. We make sure that you’ll get the most amount of money out of your useless vehicle.
  • No Money Out for Removal/Towing. Normally, when you avail the services of a person or a company, you’ll pay something for it. But this does not apply to us. So you’ll never have to worry about how much you have to prepare. The only things we ask from you are some details of your car and, of course, the keys. Removal and collection are always included in our cash offer for your scrap vehicles.
  • Large Collection of High Quality Secondhand Auto Parts. Since we collect hundreds of scrap autos every single day, we were able to segregate a lot of usable car parts and have these available from our car parts stores. These parts have been properly tested for quality and functionality before putting them on sale. And they are sold at very affordable prices.

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