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Car accidents can happen to anyone in anywhere at any time. To be involved in a car accident can be both very stressful and traumatic. Whether the incident involves just a minor collision or a major smashed up, this can have several adverse effects:

  • It puts the driver’s life and safety at risk.
  • It causes physical and mechanical damages to the cars involved.
  • It causes delay and inconvenience to others.
  • It disrupts the flow of vehicles and aggravates road traffic situation.
  • It creates mess within and nearby the accident area.

Whether you are a professional, careful, reckless, or amateur driver, you are exposed to car accidents. Having full knowledge on what to do when you get involved in a car accident is very important. This will make you stay prepared all the time.

Who is responsible for car accident removal?

Obviously, this is not the responsibility of the police. Their main role is only to investigate the incident, but cleaning up the mess created by cars involved in accidents is the job of car towing businesses. A tow truck and its driver will be the last acts seen tidying up the accident area. Usually, the job will be remunerated by a certain portion of the tow charge.

Accident car removal job

Removing cars from a mishap site is not an easy job, especially if the extent of the accident is extreme. Professional car towers are the right persons to call to clean the area to ensure that it will not cause any danger to anyone. They also have to make sure that they tow away the damaged cars in a safely manner.

Car accident removal near my location

As cars are the primary mode of transportation in Australia, there are a number of car accidents or road mishaps reported in several areas parts of the country. It’s a great relief that there are towing companies who specialise in getting rid of accident vehicles and clearing off the road.

If you are looking for a company who is expert in removing accident cars near your location, there’s no need to look further. Fast Cash for Cars is your number one option and we will not fail you on that. We provide the best and fastest accident car removal solutions onsite and we have been doing that for more than a decade now.

We are easy to find as we operate in multiple regions. We have branches located in several parts of Australia. You can find us providing accident car removal solutions in the following areas:

  • Brisbane: Eastern, Inner, Western, North, South
  • Other areas: Caboolture, Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast

The easiest way to reach us is by calling our direct line at 0401-242-410. Our staff members are always eager to answer all calls from our clients.

Efficient car accident removal services by experienced towers

The long years of our existence in the auto business has exposed us to the many things going on in this industry. The issues and concerns arising from owning a car challenged us from time to time to develop reliable solutions to these problems. One of the finest services we offer our customers is our accident car removal solution. What does this service specifically entail?

  • Easy and stress-free. If you have been involved in a car accident or you witnessed one in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, please do not hesitate calling us for help.
    • Just let us know the exact location of the mishap and we will arrive to clean up the road mess in no time.
    • We will help lessen your stress by making sure that all the dirty work is done for you completely and satisfactorily. With that you can entirely depend on our services.
    • Our deep knowledge and wide understanding of the road networks and traffic scenarios enable us to deliver quick and reliable accident car removal services.
  • Highly experienced team of drivers and towers. We have a pool of professional drivers and authorised accident car towers who can be at your place without delay.
    • Our towing personnel are specifically trained in the removal of accident cars.
    • Before we dispatch them to your place, we make sure that they are fully oriented on the specific services you will need for them to know right away the exact actions they will undertake as soon as they reached your location.
    • We continuously train our car removal staff and drivers as well in order to keep their skills updated and customized to the needs of our customers.
    • We implement a fair pricing policy without hidden charges for our accident car removal services.
    • Our towing team is not only expert in what they do but are also generous in giving you tips and advice on how you can keep your car in good condition.


  • Other roadside assistance. While we provide exceptional services related to car accident removal concerns, our dedicated team is also willing and able to offer other roadside assistance such as changing flat tires, battery jump start, emergency towing, fuel delivery, and car lockout assistance to name a few.

What can you do with your accident car?

If the accident has caused major damages to your car and it has lesser chance of being usable again in the future, you have the option to sell it to us. We are interested in buying damaged or wrecked vehicles due to accident. And we offer enticing price deals. Depending on the extent of the damage, our company is ready to pay high amount of cash for your broken cars.



Find out how our accident car removal services stand out

Do not let a car accident or even an engine problem ruin your day or travel plans. Contact our excellent customer support staff now for queries or assistance. They are more than enthusiastic to give you details about our service offerings as well as basic engine problem solving.

Tell us what auto issues and concerns you’re having right now by calling our hotline number 0401-242-410.

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