When your car becomes scrap, let us pick it up!

Are you having a hard time getting rid of your junk car? Perhaps you have no time looking for a professional who can pick it up from your garage or private surrounding? Or maybe you’ve just given up figuring out how that scrap auto can vanish from your sight easily. Removing a wrecked vehicle from your backyard or front yard doesn’t have to be that complicated. Fast Cash for Cars brings you the good news! Collecting junk cars is just our forte. And by calling our number at 0401-242-410, your long predicament with your broken auto will be gone in no time.

How does that sound to you? Super awesome, right? But for sure you’ll be amazed all the more when you get to know all the details of our scrap/junk car pick up services. It is like no other you can ever find in Queensland. Our refined old auto pull out services raised the bar for the unwanted automobile pick up industry. It was one of the greatest results of our continuous hard work and dedication. And people across the state just keep on coming to us to pick up their burdensome autos.

Scrap Car Removal

Pluses of our automobile collection services  

We can’t help but stress out the best things about what we do for our clients that add significance to their lives over and over again. It’s the starting point of building a high level of trust and confidence in us by future customers. And we are just happy and proud to let everyone know of our high calibre services. So here’s a rundown of what we offer and their resulting benefits to our customers.

old car sitting in back yard for ages

  • Haul without restriction. When you’re concerned about the type of car we get, forget about it. We are not only interested in some specific car makes or models. We don’t even care about the size and heaviness or lightness of it as long as this is used, old, damaged, wrecked, scrap/junk. The only reason we will ask for the make or made of your car and other related information is for us to be able to estimate accurately its value.
  • Tow junk cars anywhere and anytime. No matter where you live in Queensland, the nearest and friendliest auto collectors you can lean on is one by the name Fast Cash for Cars. We pick up scrap vehicles in most places within the state. You can find our established branches, staffed with efficient personnel, operating in the following locations:
    • Eastern Brisbane
    • Inner Brisbane
    • North Brisbane
    • South Brisbane
    • Western Brisbane
    • Caboolture
    • Ipswich
    • Logan
    • Gold Coast
    • Sunshine Coast

As to the car fetching schedule, this is done anytime during our business hours. We send our fully oriented truck towers to your exact location and they shall be there on or before your preferred time for collection. As much as we want to pull out cars 24/7, it would be unprofessional and disrespectful on our part causing disturbances at night.

  • Pick up scrap auto at no cost to customers. This means that you can have your unwanted vehicle pulled away by our tow operators without the need to spend a single penny. We are glad that you’ve asked us to take that old clunker out of your sight and we will grant your wish at zero charge. In case you’re curious, that’s part of our dedication to go above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Remunerate clients with the maximum amount. Unlike most of our competitors who offer average price for their clients’ scrap vehicles, our company pays the highest possible amount. Our industry presence for over a decade now only shows that we are a stable enterprise. That gives us the power and confidence to give top cash for our clients’ scrap cars. We also practice integrity in the conduct of our business. That means we give our clients what is due to them. So in the process of determining how much we will pay you, our professional and well-trained technicians execute the utmost form of honesty to come up with the most accurate estimate of your car’s worth.

How to dispose your scrap car the fashionable way?

Yes, there’s a way that you can eliminate your clunker with fashion. So instead of facing a lot of trouble in finding the most reliable buyer or just doing nothing because you never thought someone would even take a look at your scrap car, why not talk to us? We will help you dump your unwanted vehicle with style. In order for you to enjoy the abovementioned rewards, you only need to do these very simple steps:

  1. Pick up the phone and dial our number 0401-242-410. We have respectful and accommodating customer representatives who will promptly attend to your call and discuss your concern in a pleasant manner.
  2. Let us know what you have. Briefly describe your auto by stating its make or model, the location where it will be hauled, and any additional information about the vehicle. In case calling us is not possible for you, just fill out the necessary form available on our website and our concerned staff shall respond to you as soon as they received your data.
  3. Ask and receive a quotation. This is one of the most important things a customer would want to have after making a call. Take note that getting a quote for your junk car is always free and has no pre-requisite. It is also the best part of the conversation as both parties are both smiling in the end. Why so? It’s simply because of the incredible price offer we are willing to give that no customer could say no to.

For individuals who search online, they can instantly get an estimate of their car’s worth by accomplishing our car evaluation tool which is found on our website.

  1. Schedule the collection of your junk car. We prioritise your availability so it’s your call when will be the best time for our car towers to come and pick up your car. Don’t forget also to mention the exact location.
  2. Receive payment immediately. You will be paid the exact amount agreed upon earlier with any delay. We get your car, you get your cash.
Scrap Car Removal


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