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When an automobile has reached the end of its life, the best way to deal with it is to dispose it to car recyclers. And if you’re looking for the finest car recyclers in Brisbane, the name Fast Cash for Cars is your main option. They take the lead in salvaging autos due to their exceptional recycling protocol which promotes if not maintains a healthy environment.

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When it’s time to say goodbye to your old auto

Anyone who bought a brand new car for the first time would be extremely proud and excited in taking it on the road. However, as this vehicle gets older and becomes used, your satisfaction with it as the owner tends to decline.

  • Frequent repair required. If your car suffers from mechanical breakdown or engine issues and needs repair very frequently in a month, this can be a real stressful scenario. At times, you can’t help but feel like giving up on your auto.
  • Wrecked due to accident. Your vehicle getting involved in an accident and was severely damaged with no chance of being fixed is another distressing story.
  • When your car becomes a waste. The thought of seeing your pre-loved car being dumped in a junk yard, get rot with time, and eventually become an eyesore causing pollution to the environment can also be disheartening.

But there’s always a bright side of the situation. The good news is that you can actually help in saving your scrap car from becoming a worthless and an unhealthy item in the environment by selling it to reliable car recyclers.

Car Recyclers Brisbane

Sell your scrap car for recycling to us with no regret

If you’ve been dealing with the above hassle and this was aggravated by the difficulty in finding a trustworthy scrap car buyer in Brisbane, then Fast Cash for Cars is now ending your dilemma. That’s our company’s reason for existence – to make the life of every car owner easy and stress free.

Car recycling is one of our service offerings where we shine in the auto industry. We have a full understanding of this sector’s primary roles and our more than 15 years of existence helped us perfect the ins and outs of the business. Contact us today and we promise you’ll never regret choosing us as your car recycling partner. Dial our number 0401-242-410 now.

What makes us different from other car recyclers?

  • Highest payment offering. We are the leading car recycling company in Brisbane that pays maximum amount of cash for junk, wrecked, or salvage cars to be recycled. The same goes for car parts that can still be used for other running autos.
  • Our car recycling service is packed with giveaways to add to your enjoyment.
    • Towing of scrap car for recycling from your location to our scrapyard.
    • Use of wheelbarrow for transporting certain parts of the car.
    • If you want to buy a specific auto part such as tires, we will take out the rim for you free of charge.
  • Warranty offers. Our one month complete warranty deal applies to most of the auto parts we are selling.
  • Holiday sale. We know that the best time for shopping is during holidays. As such, we want our customers to fully enjoy their breaks when they buy car parts from our shops. You can get high discounts from our already affordable prices during Christmas, New Year, Labor Day or other special occasions.
  • Friendliest car recyclers. We treat our customers not only with high respect but also with compassion. To us, they mean more than customers.
    • We deal with them in the friendliest manner possible just as how we are friendly to the cars we recycle.
    • We provide a welcoming and relaxing ambiance to all our customers.
    • We transport our customers who may wish to visit to distant areas of our scrapyard for free.

Our car recycling process

All vehicles whose life cycles are deemed to have ended are eligible for recycling. That’s the best remedy for it. It is important for the car owner to realize that the soonest time possible. That would also mean the start of his problem searching for credible car recyclers or scrap car buyers. Again, with Fast Cash for Cars, we remove that burden from our customers. If you are wondering how our auto recycling process is like, these are the steps we follow from the time your junk autos arrived at our scrapyard.


  1. Full auto check. Our car wreckers do not crush your scrap auto right away. A thorough inspection will be done first to determine if there are parts that can still be fixed and sold.
  2. Drain fluids. We carefully empty fluids such as oil, gas, brake lubricants, etc. from each auto before dismantling them. We also make sure that no spill is made which can be harmful to the environment. Hazardous liquids obtained will be disposed of in a safely manner. On the other hand, reusable liquids such as oil and gas will undergo our filtration process and will be made available for sale from our shop.
  3. Dismantle and segregate parts that are valuable. Usable parts will be removed, cleaned properly and placed in a certain area.
  4. Sell recovered car parts. Those parts that can still be used as they are will be priced and displayed in our dedicated used part sales section in our facility. On the other hand, those items that need repair will be sold to our local partners who specialise in remanufacturing car parts.
  5. Crush and shred the remaining parts of the vehicle.After all the recyclable auto parts, excluding the iron and steel components, are taken out, put in storage or sold, the remaining parts including the car body which comprises of different metals will then be crushed and shredded by our skilled car wreckers. Again, we are an advocate of green and healthy environment. As such, our wreckers follow a distinct car smashing process that is safe and friendly to the environment.

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