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Why would you need a car wrecker in the first place?

Disposing the car you have once loved would be one of the hardest decisions you have to make. But as a car owner, you will certainly reach to that point where your private car or public auto becomes any of the following:

  • Old or obsolete
  • Damaged
  • Not functioning
  • Junk/scrap
  • Needs replacement
  • Breaks down all the time
  • Repair costs outweigh the car cost

In such case, you need to assess your options on what is the best thing to do with your car. While it is your choice not to do anything with your junk auto, there are actually several better options you can take on such as selling your vehicle to a car wrecking yard or an auto wrecking company.

Why selling your junk auto to a wrecking company is the best option?

  1. If you will do the parting out of your car by yourself, you need to have a spacious junkyard and qualified wreckers to help you out.
  2. Entrusting your malfunctioning car to an amateur mechanic who asks a relatively cheaper pay is not advisable because you never know if it’s still safe to use it after.
  3. If you sell it to a private buyer or dealer, you cannot expect to receive that much as they are not willing to pay high amount of money for a scrap car.
  4. If you think your car can still be fixed and do the fixing yourself, you have no assurance as to when it is going to last.

Looking for car wreckers near you?

If you have decided that it’s time to let go of your auto since it is no longer serving its purpose, then you probably need someone to take it away. There is no need to look somewhere else for car wrecker experts because Fast Cash for Cars has always been around ready to offer help in terms of wrecking junk or scrap cars.

We are the most convenient car wrecking company you can find across Australia. We have branches located in the following areas.

    • Eastern Brisbane
    • Inner Brisbane
    • North Brisbane
    • Western Brisbane
    • South Brisbane
    • Caboolture
    • Ipswich
    • Logan
    • Gold Coast
    • Sunshine Cost

You should pick us because…

We pick up your car for wrecking free of charge. One of the benefits you can enjoy when you decided to get our car wrecking services is the free towing of your car wherever it is located. Unlike other service providers, we do not charge our customers when we pull away their vehicles and bring these to our scrapyard.

We have car wreckers who are trustworthy – Fast Car for Cash wreckers are certified junk dismantlers. No matter what branch they are assigned, their level of competence is the same. They are equally on top of the rank because they were trained to excel in their craft.

You can completely rely on our dismantling process – Our systematic way of wrecking scrap vehicles is something we have mastered for years. We have put up all the best practices of auto wrecking and integrated these into our system.

Each part of every junk car we dismantle will be classified either as recyclable goods or sellable materials.

Recyclable materials. These are the auto parts which are totally wrecked and can no longer be used for other cars. These are either sold to metal recyclers who find ways to turn them into other usable goods or go through our recycling process.

Sellable items. These are the parts which can still be used on other functioning vehicles. They will be sold to auto mechanics who are in need of such items.

Wrecking cars can be damaging to the environment. Junk cars being piled up elsewhere are themselves adding to the pollution in the surrounding. Before engaging into the auto wrecking business, one of the considerations we have taken into account is the safety of everyone around us. Therefore, we created our wrecking and recycling protocols in such a way that these abide with regulations protecting the environment.

Spacious wreck yard. We have a very wide area for wrecking autos which allows us to accommodate all types of vehicles of any size and shape. Even if we receive a huge number of scrap cars for dismantling daily, our junkyard never runs out of space for newly arrived autos to be wrecked or recycled.

We partner with several other auto wreckers/dealers – Upon dismantling your autos and determined which among the parts are recyclable and sellable, we make deals with our partner auto wreckers who are in need of these items. This practice enables us to collect certain amount of money and become one of our fund sources. Some of the amounts of cash we pay to our customers come from this fund.

What happens next after you decided to hand over your old cars to our wreckers?

You get the best deal. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with our services. Therefore, we pay them the highest amount we can for their scrap cars. As the junk autos we wreck are all different, our professional technicians will carefully evaluate the cars and estimate price offers based on the following:

    • Car make or model
    • Present condition
    • Body type
    • Age or year of issue
    • Location

You can immediately know how much you can get from your junk autos by using our fast value calculator available on our website. Just enter the needed information about your car such as those mentioned above and you will get a response quickly.

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