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Why do cars become unwanted?

When you first bought a car, the level of your excitement in using it is certainly high. But as the months or years go by, you will ultimately become less and less happy with it. There are many possible reasons why unwanted cars exist. It could be that:

  • You wanted to upgrade your current vehicle.
  • Your present auto is having mechanical breakdown frequently.
  • You already have a new car and you’re no longer interested in the old one.
  • Your car is totally damaged and has no chance for it to be fixed.
  • You can no longer afford to pay for its maintenance.

Tired of your unwanted car?

Just like any machine of electronic device, cars do get weary too at a certain point in time. Running on the road regularly for years or even decades, any auto would become worn and eventually break down until it is no longer functioning. If you have a car like that, be it a private vehicle or a public one, which has reached to a point of no longer useful, the best thing to do with it is sell to an authorized and credible junk car buyer.

Where can I sell my unwanted car?

To us – Fast Cash for Cars! We want your unwanted cars regardless if this is an SUV, 4×4, truck, etc. or no matter what its make or model is. We have branches located in several parts of Brisbane and other parts of Australia such as in Caboolture, Ipswich, Logan, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast willing to take your unwanted autos away anytime in exchange for a plenty of benefits. If you are living within or near any of these regions, don’t think twice calling us if you have unwanted cars you wanted to get rid of. Our contact number is 0401-242-410.

What will you get if you sell your unwanted car to us?

A few FREE items

    • Quote – You can easily know the estimated worth or amount you can get the moment you decide to sell your unwanted car to us. There are several ways you can do this. It is fast and absolutely no charge.
      • Via phone call to our customer support personnel. Our phone number is 0401-242-410.
      • By sending us an SMS or direct email.
      • Using our online evaluation form or scrap car value calculator tool.
    • Towing – We can make your unwanted car disappear from your sight or from your garage or backyard in an instant. To make your day even brighter, our car removal team will come to your place and tow away your unwanted vehicle without asking you to pay for anything.
    • Big amount of cash. That sounds unbelievable, right? While it seems as such, it is true. Your unwanted car is still worth several dollars if you sell it to us. In case you are wondering what makes it possible for us to pay huge amount of cash for unwanted cars, wrecked, damaged, etc. cars, it all boils down to our solid standing as one of the leading cash for cars companies in Australia. Here’s how our car wreckers classify unwanted cars and which will be the basis for the price we are going to pay you.
      • Wrecked/junk/scrap or completely not working – These are autos that have already accumulated rust due to exposure to sunlight and rain for a long period of time. They are usually crushed and sold to auto junk yards. The amount you will receive if your car falls under this group will depend on its size and weight. Naturally, we offer higher payouts for bigger and heavier scrap vehicles.
      • Slightly used/damaged – Usually, most parts of these cars can still be used for other vehicles. Those parts will be salvaged first by our wreckers. The rest of the car parts will be crushed at the scrap yard. Since majority of the parts are valuable, their rates will be higher.
      • Old/used but still working – This group of vehicles have been used for quite some time already. Although they are still functional, their owners may no longer be happy with them. We pay more cash for these cars depending on their condition. Since they are still functional despite being old, they can also be re-sold to other auto dealers.
    • Peace of mind. There is certainly a significant difference before and after you sold your unwanted car to us. That difference lies on one important thing – peace of mind. This concept is something we highly value and that is what we want to deliver to our customers.

Before you contacted us, you were having trouble on how you will get rid of your unwanted auto or experienced difficulty in finding a buyer who is willing to pay good amount for it.

After making a deal with us for your old vehicle, you are assured that your stress will be gone because… We are an authorised dealer and buyer of unwanted cars so you can completely rely on our services.

Our towing team is always prepared to respond to all calls for auto pick up. You can contact them from any of our branches whichever is nearer to your location. They respond quickly and will pick up your unwanted car on the same day and time you asked them. This means that if you badly needed your old auto to be taken away, we can make that happen in just a single ring.

Our auto removal team knows very well what to do with your junk car. The very moment they arrived at your location, they’ll perform the necessary tasks as smoothly as possible. For sure, you will be amazed by their performance. Even the completion of the necessary documentation will be done by our team, leaving you without headache or simply relaxed.

We are always ready to help!

Call us today at 0401-242-410. We look forward to buying your unwanted car for guaranteed top dollars.

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